MM Terroir

La Maison Morel has always been attentive to the secret of the vine.
We have worked with several talented winegrowers from various French wine regions to develop the identity wines that you will find in our establishments.

We began our collaboration in Champagne, on the Côte des Bar, a terroir rich in pinot noir, which we are particularly fond of.
We have forged a strong bond with Thierry Mercuzot, a specialist in this emblematic grape variety.
Together we have created a cuvée of character with dense, expressive, elegant aromas and a fine bubble that represents for us the Blanc de Noir.

Then we naturally turned to the Burgundy terroir, thanks to our friend Paul Aegerter, a passionate winemaker from Nuit Saint Georges.
Together we challenge codes and traditions, but without forgetting the main thing, the taste, the know-how and the work that characterise our values.
From the Côte de Nuits to the Côte de Beaune, we came up with the idea of reserving the best barrels of Paul’s appellations, to make wines with a particular singularity under the name “Origine”, this annotation is exclusively reserved for the Maison Morel.

After 10 years of affection for these plots of Merlot, Petit Verdot, Grenache and many others, Maison Morel acquired its first vines north of Montpellier.

This terroir of rolled pebbles, some of which are over a hundred years old, offers a rich, deep, gourmet but above all unique wine.

The Maison Morel has entrusted Luc Baudet, an experienced winegrower and master of the “Clos des Centenaires” estate, with the creation of its 2soeurs vintage.

It represents the transmission that we wish to leave to our children,

a strong symbol of our passion, of our values, or we hope it will pass from generation to generation.

You can find our vintages among the 800 references of our CLC distribution network, a simple solution to increase the offer of wines and champagnes.

The passion for wine leads us to beautiful journeys, beautiful encounters, new projects, which for the moment are just beginning…